July 2019: New Releases


The new month is here with its hoards of new books. When I took a look at this month’s new releases I was pleased to find some of my ‘most anticipated’ books of the year on this list. It is going to be a pretty good month, I can feel it in my bones. Since I can’t get my hands on all the books that come out this month, I am going to limit my wishlist to TOP 4. This time I will try my best to finish the maximum of them. 


  • Wilder Girls by Rory Power


july 2019 new releases


Wilder Girls had been on my TBR for a long time now and this year I impart justice by finally picking it up. The cover is too pretty for me to resist. This comes off as some kind of a sci-fi thriller book, at least that’s what I could make of the Goodreads synopsis. 

Raxter School for Girls is put under quarantine due to the breakout of the Tox (some kind of virus I guess). The teachers are all dead and the girls are waiting for the antidote while Tox is claiming their lives one after the other. They dare not venture out into the woods that surround the school. Suddenly, Byatt goes missing and Hetty will do anything to bring her back even if she has to enter the woods. 


  • Lock Every Door by Riley Sager 


july 2019 new releases


Yup, I am picking up another one of Riley Sager’s books. I read Final Girls last month and I think it was a pretty good debut book. So, Lock Every Door is going to be a part of my July 2019 reading list. This one looks pretty promising and I am looking forward to enjoying this more than Final Girls.

Jules Larsen has taken up a new job as an apartment sitter at Bartholomew, the residence of many rich and famous people. It is quite a mysterious place, but Jules is willing to do anything so that she can leave her past behind. Here, she meets Ingrid, a fellow apartment sitter, who resembles a sister she lost eight years ago. Ingrid confides in her fears regarding the dark history of the place, but Jules brushes it off. Ingrid disappears the next day and that leads Jules to reveal the secrets of the place.


  • Spin the Dawn (the Blood of Stars #1) by Elizabeth Lim



This is rare because I seldom add new series to my monthly reads. I cannot wait to get my hands on the other books immediately after reading the first one, but this time I am challenging myself. I was sold on the line ‘Project Runway meets Mulan’ and also #coverappreciation.

Maia’s dream is to become a renowned tailor like her father, but the only thing people expect from a girl to do is marrying well. Maia changes her appearance to resemble a boy as she plunges in to compete for the job with twelve other tailors. She has to deceive the court magician, Edan’s sharp eyes as she prepares herself for the final challenge. This embarks her on an impossible journey to find the laughter of the sun, tears of the moon and the blood of the stars.


  • Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia



Is it just me or does everyone feel that all of these books have very pretty covers? Look at the cover art, pure perfection. So, this book is a fairy tale inspired by Mexican folklore. I am so down for this. Adventure plus mythology is a lethal combination, it gets me every time. 

Casiopea Tun dreams of having her own life away from her wealthy grandfather in some part of southern Mexico. She accidentally opens a wooden box in her grandfather’s room and frees the spirit of the Mayan god of Death. He asks for her help so that he can reclaim the throne from his brother. Casiopea accepts his offer because if they succeed, she can have her dream life. She has a lot of things to see on this bizarre adventure, including the Mayan underworld. 


That’s it for new releases of July 2019. Some pretty amazing books are coming out this month, so go and take a look at the Goodreads list of Most Popular Books Published in July 2019. Also, keep an eye on other new releases I am excited about.


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