The Story Behind Boookism


My name is Anuja and I am an engineering student who finds solace in reading books. I discovered this amazing world of books back in third grade and I have been in love ever since.

Reading is awesome! The hour I spend reading is the best one of the day. I am transported to a completely different place out of my bland life. I may come off as an introvert but you can easily get me talking about books. I have strong emotional reactions to books and you may find me sulking in a corner questioning my life once I have finished a really good book or series (it’s worse in case of a series).

If you ask me about my favorite book, it will be a long long list. Same goes for my favorite authors. I adore Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Leigh Bardugo and many more. Horror novels don’t keep me up at night because the only thing that haunts me is my never-ending TBR list. 

The first book I recommend people is Circe by Madeline Miller because I am so much in love with it. Although I read books from a variety of genres, I particularly love thriller, fantasy and science fiction the best.

Boookism is something I am extremely proud of. This is my safe haven. Here I can talk about books all I want. I am also looking forward to making a lot of new friends here, so let’s be book-buddies!