10 Tips To Help You Read More Books


How many books did you read this year? Let me guess. Not as many as would like to. That TBR pile haunts you, doesn’t it? You want to read like a pro and get through all those books. Believe me when I say you can easily read 25+ books every year. Here are some tricks I personally use to read more books.


1. Read everyday

Yes, this is especially important if you are not used to reading and are just beginning at it. It will be really hard if you try to finish a book in one sitting reading for 4-5 hours. You will eventually give up. So start scaling this mountain a little at a time.

Read every day for at least 20 minutes or 20 pages. You can gradually increase the time or the number of pages as you go through this process every day. After a few days, you can easily read for a couple of hours in one sitting without any problem.


2. Carry your books with you

Do not forget to take a book with you as you leave for college or for work. It is extremely easy to steal yourself some book time while you are sitting free. It can be during lunch breaks or between two lectures when the teacher is yet to arrive (or if the period is boring but remember not to get caught). You can have a physical copy, eBook or an audiobook.


read more books


3. Listen to audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks makes it very easy to read more books. You can listen to one while you are getting some work done like arranging your wardrobe or cleaning the house. Audiobooks are also very efficient to get you out of a book slump.


4. Read multiple books

Sometimes reading a single book for long can bore you. Try reading more than one book each belonging to a different genre. Alternating between more than one genre will keep you interested in the books. You will feel fresh as you switch between the books.


5. Share your views about the book

Discuss your book with your friends, tell them how much you like or dislike it. Sharing the information you got from the book can help you read more. Reviewing a book is also a very good way. You can also try blogging about books.


6. Join reading communities

To interact with other readers like you can have a huge impact on your reading habits. You will find yourself taking and giving recommendations and fangirling/fanboying about your favorite fictional characters. Do not miss out on the simple pleasures of fandom life because it’s awesome.

Try having an account on sites like Goodreads. You can review books and also make lots of friends.


7. Start with shorter books

Do not go for long books immediately after you have started reading. First, try reading shorter books which are easier to read. Give yourselves some time to adapt to reading and then proceed to the longer ones.


8. Read your favorite genre

Once you start reading, you will favor one genre over the other. Initially, to get habitual with reading, read more books from your favorite genre. This will help you keep a prolonged interest in whatever you are reading. Once you are through with this try exploring other genres.


read more books


9. Add more books to TBR List

A real reader will never have a To-Be-Read list he/she can finish in his/her lifetime. Because we like longer books and longer TBR lists.

Adding books to your TBR will keep you motivated to finish what you are currently reading. You will always feel excited to get through with your current read so that you can pull out another from the list. It provides you with lots of options and you can select the perfect one depending on your mood.


10. Put it down if you don’t like it.

Do not be afraid to leave a book midway if it does not interest you. Not every book is meant to be completed. Whenever you feel guilty while putting down a book, remember “So many books, so little time”. So do not waste your time on reading something you have to drag yourself through. There are thousands of books out there waiting for you.


I hope these tricks help you with reading more books. Happy reading!


Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Anuja and I am an engineering student, currently in my junior year. I cry about books more than I cry about my grades. This is my blog where I ramble about books and everything else that fascinates me. Feel free to talk with me about anything and let's be book buddies!

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